Port of Falmouth Sailing Association

Special Events and Champion­ships, 2021

Every effort has been made to make this list accurate, but given the nature of sailing clubs, and sailing events, double check everything, and don't be surprised if another event crops up.

April17Falmouth – FoweyCOGS
May9Harbour RaceRSC
29–30Pilot Cutter ReviewStMSC
29FSC Challenge Cups cancelledFSC
29–31Firefly Southwestern ChampionshipsRSC
30Gull Rock Manacles raceCOGS
June3–6Mirror National ChampionshipsRSC
5Loe Beach Regatta (St Feock & Pill Creek)
5Plymouth – FoweyCOGS
6Tresanton Classics
11–13Falmouth Classics
19FSC SC Centenary RegattaFSC
19–24YW DayboatsRCYC
20Bomber Memorial RaceStMSC
26Point & Penpoll Regatta
27FSC Challenge Cups FSC
July3St Mawes Social Regatta
3–4Firebird Championships
4YTC RegattaStMSC
4Harbour RaceRSC
10OD Keelboat RegattaRCYC
16–18Working Boat Championships
17–18Small Fleets ChampionshipStMSC
18SOCCA Shrimper RallyStMSC
24St Mawes Town Regatta
24Falmouth – PenzanceCOGS
31Flushing Village Regatta
30–1/8Ajax Nationals
August8–14Falmouth Sailing Week
15St Mawes SC 100th Anniversary Celebration
17–19Tall Ships Falmouth
28Portscatho Village Regatta
29Percuil Regatta
September3–5Shrimper OpenMYC
3–5Sunbeam Championships
4Fowey – HelfordCOGS
4–5Asymmetric Open (TBC)RSC
11FWB St Mawes Harbour RaceStMSC
11–12Bart's Bashvarious
18Mylor Layup CupCOGS
25Pilliegh PotsStMSC
26Victory CupsStMSC
November4Frostbite seriesRSC
7Silver OysterMYC
14Frostbite seriesRSC
21Frostbite seriesRSC
28Frostbite seriesRSC
December5Silver OysterMYC
5Frostbite seriesRSC

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