The Port of Falmouth Sailing Association in 2020

Falmouth Harbour offers some of the best sailing waters in the UK and perhaps the world. The geographically dynamic waters provide a challenge for the most experienced sailors as well as shelter for the less experienced. This, complemented by a vast array of different boats in which to sail, creates quite a spectacle. Nestled around the Harbour are six bustling sailing and yacht clubs, all with a unique identity, but all with a common aim: to support the many hundreds of sailors who call these waters home.

The Port of Falmouth Sailing Association (or PoFSA) is an organisation run by all six of these local clubs with the purpose of organising, running and promoting sailing (racing and cruising) in the Falmouth area including the village regattas (the lifeblood of the harbour) and the famous Falmouth Sailing Week (the highlight of our sailing year). PoFSA ensures that the traditions and cultures are nurtured and maintained and we are proud to welcome existing local sailors as well as newcomers and visitors to our fantastic, vibrant and eclectic port.

PoFSA would be unable to carry out its role without the hard work of its volunteers, and we are always on the lookout for new ones to help us. In particular, in 2019 we were short of people to help on the Bay committee boat in Falmouth Sailing Week, but we are also keen to keep an eye out for possible successors for some of the people who have carried out specific roles for a number of years and may want to step down in the not-too-distant future. Do let us know if you think you can help.

Nigel Sharp, Chairman of PoFSA

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